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  • Wheeltek Motors - Angeles
    BEWARE OF WHEELTEK Motor Sales Corporation 3rd Gate Mc Arthur Hi-way Angeles City (next to robinson mall) This letter is not directed at anyone in specific but at the above mentioned branch of Wheeltek.I bought myself a motorcycle from them recently,firstly what a state the bike got given to me,dirty they did not even bother to give it a wipe down yet all staff sitting on their cell phones. My BRAND NEW bike already had 20km on the clock,but was told this is normal??.Anyhow after riding the bike i noticed it had no power at all and could barely get to 30kmph,after complaining i asked to speak to branch manager,only to get led to someone on the floor assembling bikes with scotch tape,then after many many days of trying to get hold of them via their web site (still no answer from them there by the way) i managed to get hold of someone on Facebook??.I was put in touch with a mechanic whom i had to laison with at my expenses.After he checked out the bike twice he found the valves were not set correctly,(on a brand new bike).This shows me that they wheeltek did not do the required P.D.I. as this would have been picked up. Still as of today i have not had a call from the branch appologising for the inconveinence caused,instead they just took my money and ran.My advice is to stay well away from that wheeltek branch and rather approach the brand company directly,you are sure to get better after sales service.Also ask to see the half face helmet they prommise you first before you pay anything,unless you want a pink construction hat like we got.(that is not even street legal) This is purely my opinion guys and i will not recomend nor support Wheeltek again due to their lack of customer services. Good luck in your purchases and safe riding.
"Wheeltek" in Angeles City, PM

Wheeltek Motors - Angeles

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