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Socialists call for South East Asia Workers to Unite and Stand Against China’s Aggression

Posted last July 15, 2015, 11:29 am in News report article

Socialista-National Confederation of Labor – a labor political organization of socialist workers in the Philippines – staged a protest rally today in front of China’s Consulate in the business district of Makati City, to strongly urge the China government, backed by its ruling capitalists, to get out of the West Philippine Sea and recall all its military installations in the disputed mineral-rich territory. 

 About 300 protesters wear black garbage bag symbolizing China's  dumping of low quality products and to boycott all China-made products as a way of protest to China’s bullying and aggression in the disputed waters of the West Philippine Sea.

 Marine Resources for China Capitalists’ Consumption

 “The true intention behind the fast paced infrastructure construction of China in the West Philippine Sea is the desperate move of its ruling capitalists to maintain its burgeoning economy afloat behind the looming economic crisis brought about by the natural cycle of capitalism,” Larry De Guzman, Socialista Spokesperson, explains.

 On July 8, Reuters reported that “China stocks tumbled to four-month lows... (where) more than 500 China-listed firms announced trading halts.”

 “This is the proof of our analysis, that the resources that can be exploited in the mineral-rich territory will be used by China to avert the reported continuing slump of its economy and somehow bail out these companies through the gigantic profits from the marine and energy resources in the disputed territory, that could last for 20 years as one study claims,” De Guzman adds.

 Workers Must Unite Against China Aggression

 The protest was held while there is an ongoing hearing at the UN Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague to settle the dispute. The case was filed by the Philippine government, arguing that an international court should intervene in its dispute with China over the right to exploit natural resources and fish in the South China Sea. But China did not send any representative and expressed that it will strongly decline to honor any decisions to be made by the international court.

 “This shows the arrogance of China in settling the issue in a legal process. If Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam will also file the same case, we’re pretty sure that China would have the same cold reaction,” laments Ding Villasin, Socialista Chair.

 “The argument to exploit the natural resources in the disputed territory should redound to the creation of jobs for workers, not just in the Philippines, but also in other countries who had the just and legal claims in the South China Sea. In this context, we are calling for a working class-led stand in the Asean region to defend each respective country’s claim rights specifically Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam together with the Philippines.

 “Let the workers of these countries, with the support of those workers from other Asean countries that can be absorbed in the job creation, to summon their respective government to organize their own population and act in unison to defend its legitimate rights in the South China Sea,” calls Villasin in lieu of China’s arrogant stance.

 Boycott China Products

 The group also calls for the boycott of China-made products in the Asean region and elsewhere as a sign of protest for China’s bullying and aggression.

 According to a July 8 report of, the Philippines is importing $5.9 billion worth of products from China. On the contrary, China is importing $1.8 billion from the Philippines.

 “We surmised that a big chunk of the Philippine imports from China are products of low quality that floods the market of poor countries like ours,” explains further by Villasin.

 “It is just fair for the Asean countries to boycott these kind of products to have at least a dent in crippling China’s economy for them to know the effects of their aggression to countries who have the just claims in the South China Sea,” ends Villasin.