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Best Ramen Restaurants Around The Metro!

Posted last October 29, 2014, 12:05 am in Food report article

When it comes to food , we all differ in what we like and what we don't want to eat. Some prefer to eat vegetables while others wouldn't dare to lift a finger to touch nor to taste it. Others would never get tired of eating meat , while others would simply  ignore it just by hearing the word. Well, we can never blame ourselves, for each of us had varrying  preferences to the food that could make us forget everything else around us! We are all equal in the fact that we are all different. We are all the same in the fact that we will never be the same...

If others loved to eat seafoods, others prefer to eat noodle soup dish. And if you are one of those people  who would never ever get tired of eating such food, or if following the ramen trend at all these past few months is one of your interest,  I have good news for you. Here are some Ramen Restaurants in Metro Manila that could eventually make your mouth water and make your eyes wide with hunger ....

                                                                           Ramen Restaurants

Ramen Yushoken

If you had a very high expectation towards food satisfaction , surely,  Ramen Yushoken  could met your  standards. Thier ramen recipes boast of a rich heritage  with ties to Yamagishi Kazuo's annointed "son", Koji Tashiro also known as the "MAster of Ramen''.`They offer a variety of  meal selections that you would surely be dying to taste, namely:  Shoyu Tonkotsu and Tantanmen. One more thing .. they serve the best gyoza.  Moreover, they have a very informative  menu, that would help you decide if what you would try to eat first. Once you visited this place you would surely feel at home and you would definitely come back.

Ramen Nagi

If you prefer a nice rich soup loaded with good slices of pork, then this place is what youv'e been looking for! Their tamago is indeed divine, perfect with their pork ramen.. It is very perfect to your tastebuds. It is indeed very superb! Everything in thier ramen is very delicious..

Ukokkei Ramen Ron

They offer the best noodle dishes and thier Tantanmen on which they only serve 20 bowls a day is one of the most- sought- after broth filled noodle bowls out there.  Everything was prepared very well,  service was indeed prompt. The place is very cozy, very relaxing.. Overall this place offers Ramen that would make you crave for more!
 Check their other branches here in metro:  Ukokkei Ramen Ron

Kichitora of Tokyo

If your tastebuds craved for chicken-based broths for your ramen dishes, instead of the traditional pork, then what are you still waiting for? Kichitora could meet your very sensitive sense of taste. Thier menu offerings are indeed very healthy especially if you are looking for a diet-friendly options of menus.. People love thier Paitan ramen. And the best part is that this doesn't take anything away from flavor! Try this now and be amazed if how wonderful their menus could be!!! You will surely eat here again once you had tried it.

Tamagoya! Noodle House

 This place offers great atmosphere and affordable Japanese food, all in one! They got Mabo-don with a lot of tofu and this dish really tastes good. They also had Tori Zangi which is very crispy, flavorful and juicy! Moreover, thier dish also includes Gomoko Ramen, Karaage,and also Gyoza. The crew are very nice and accommodating as well. The ambiance makes you feel as if  you're in real Ramen Shops in Japan,. And last but not the least, this place gives authenticity to the experience of yours!

Above are just few of those Ramen Restaurants that are located everywhere around the metro. If you are craving for japanese dishes such as noodle soup then you can try those restaurants ,then try to decide if,  among those mentioned above  whose Ramen meet your expectations! If you had problems that you want to forget,, then eating is perfect for a cure :) Just like what Alfred A. Montapert said and I quote ' Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.'