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Beaches Near The City of Manila

Posted last November 3, 2014, 10:13 pm in Travel Guide report article



      Unending chaos.  Desperation.  Paranoia.  The nagging stress . Sounds familiar? 



If your tired routine slowly turns you into a problematic person, which makes you more and more miserable with each passing days -- why don't you try to escape it? If your life in the city feels like you are carrying the whole world on your shoulders,  why don't you take  a little break? 


The good news is, Manila’s friendly neighbors are here to the rescue! Metro Manila’s surrounding provinces are blessed with miles of gorgeous beaches!  Some are already popular among every beach lovers while some are yet to be discovered,. Who knows? You might be the lucky one!



Save those airfare bucks because here are some wonderful  beach destinations that wouln't require you to fly  far and are all within 5 hours of the metro. 

Nagsasa Cove  __  

Indeed beautiful, untouched, and a peaceful place .  It is very secluded, the beach is well kept . Scenery is amazing, the water is clear, quite enchanting  to ones eye --  It was worth remembering, becaouse of its unique landscape and picturesque views.  If you badly needed a breathe of fresh air, This is the perfect place for you!  Soooo relaxing . . a place to really rest your cares and worries away with no phone signals. Time to get away from the techie world we live in.  A must go place for those who desire nothing exept for a nice escape from all the chaos of life in the city!

Get driving directions to Nagsasa Cove in San Antonio, Philippines hours of the metro.   http://ph.wowcity.com/zambales/sanantonio/gpid/117134965422450571274/nagsasa-cove.htm?driving-directions   

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Burot Beach  __   

It is  indeed hard to find a good and clean beach with white sands and clean environment with out having to spend a lot.  Usually we are hoping not to spend too much for expensive fees.who wouln't anyway.. No worries.. Burot Beach is the answer for you.  Upon stepping in this place , you will be welcomed with a wonderful serene blue sea with clear waters and white sand beach. It was perfect.  This place makes you feel the peace and harmony nature can offer to every inhabitant. The place is secluded and not crowded, You could really  feel at home, as if you had your own private beach.   Stargazing at nighttime could relax your nerves because here at Burot Beach, there is no light pollution so you'll see thousands of stars that twinkles brilliantly .. It almost feel you could reach for them..  See it for yourself. 

Get driving directions to Burot Beach in Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines 

Punta Malabrigo Beach Resort  __

Unlike any other resorts in Batangas, this place is not crowded and not so commercialized. it is a perfect getaway for  it is quiet, peaceful and so relaxing.  The beach doesn't have fine sand like what you see elsewhere. It is made of rounded rocks , yet it even added to the place beauty.  One would surely enjoy the place even just by watching the clear blue sky while savoring the fresh see breeze. 

Nevertheless, the calming ambiance of this place is the reason why you would definitely long to keep on coming back. You would eventually relax after a tiring week of busy and exhausting workdays.

Get driving directions to Punta Malabrigo Beach Resort in Malabrigo, Lobo City 4229, Philippines . http://ph.wowcity.com/lobo/gpid/110289127136131459056/punta-malabrigo-beach-resort.htm?driving-directions

Matabungkay Beach Resort  __

The water is so crystal clear, you can even  see live corals and other life forms even without goggles. No white sand here, either, but its beaches are strewn with smooth medium-size pebbles. Though its sand isn't sparkling white , it doesn't make it less relaxing. The air is fresh, free from pollution . You could eventually calm your senses and upon stepping foot in this splendid place you would definitely see things in a better point of view.

Get driving directions to Matabungkay Beach Resort in Lian, Philippines . http://ph.wowcity.com/lian/gpid/110970679812082002123/matabungkay-beach-resort.htm?driving-direction


Anilao Diving and Resorts

Anilao is more of a diving mecca than a powdery paradise — it is widely regarded as the birthplace of scuba diving in the Philippines — but there are pockets of white sand hidden in between its rocky promontories.  The water was so blue and peaceful.   Watching the sunset while laying on the beach sand, and while listening to the sound of the waves brushed to the  seashore is quiet relaxing .  One could eventually appreciate the the beauty of God's Creations. 

Get driving directions to Anilao Diving and Resorts in Unit 4 Marimar Building, Pulong Niogan, Mabini 4202, Philippines .