Saturday, February 16, 2019 03:16 AM
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Proper food handling

Posted last April 30, 2011, 7:54 am in Food report article

There are countless bbq food places in the Philippines, that is no suprise to anyone. What is a big surprise is why so many people that eat the bbq are so lax when it comkes to where they eat! Think about this for a minute. Where and how you eat and who prepares your bbq is a health concern that you should not take lightly. OK, so price is a factor for almost everyone for anything you purchase. So, maybe you would spend alittle more money for something you know is better. But when it comes to your health alot of people sometimes don't take that into consideration or don't realise how dangerous some bbq places are to eat at. Would you eat your food off the ground? NO! So why are so many people willing to eat bbq that sits out in the open uncovered with flies eating what you are going to eat? Why would you eat food that has the road dust from cars driving by on your food? Ladies, you can probably do this little experiment better then the guys can. When you go to eat at a bbq place. Take out your mirror, clean it off. Then just hold it facing up for a few minutes. Then look at it. Is it dusty? even just alittle? Now think about how long that food was sitting there uncovered and unprotected for the dust that's on your mirror. Oh, and don't forget about the flies that already were on it and already laid their eggs on what you are about to eat. But don't worry when they final cook it that should kill the eggs and bake the dust on your food. That's why at JunJun & Malou BBQ our food is in an enclosed glass display case. Our soup is covered. Think about food safety when you eat, you might save a few pesos now but spend much more in medicine or a doctors visit for that food poisioning you might get.